Land Hermit Crabs

Crabs in Designer Shells
(Designer Shells include NEW 3-D Shells)


Painted & 3-D Mix

  • Item #10014 (1-99)
  • Item #10013 (100+)


3-D ONLY Mix

  • Item #13001 (1-99)
  • Item #13000 (100+)


Crabs in 3-D Shells

Bug Series

Item #13225


Crabs in 3-D Shells

Clown Series

Item #13250


Crabs in 3-D Shells

Faces with Wiggley Eyes

Item #13325


Crabs in 3-D Shells

Fruit Series

Item #13326


Crabs in 3-D Shells

Hat Series

Item #13375


Crabs in 3-D Shells

Little Fish Series

Item #13475


Crabs in 3-D Shells

Turtle Series

Item #13675

Small & Medium Exotic Crabs

This group of crabs in natural shells shows well with a wide variety of sizes and approximately 20 different kinds of shells.

  • Item #10010 (1-99)
  • Item #10012 (100+)

Large Exotic Crabs

Great hermit crab for the older kids with approximately 15 different varieties of shells.

Item #10020

Crabs in Jungle Print Shells

This group has different animal prints.

Item #10028

Crabs in Jewel Shells

These shells are decorated with sparkles and glitter in different designs to entice any child that likes something a little different.

Item #10034

Crabs in Rainbow Shells

These crabs are painted in bright colors to resemble all the colors of the rainbow. See if you can find the pot of gold at the end.

Item #10035

Crabs in Lifesaver Shells

This group looks like a roll of lifesavers.

Item #10037

Crabs in Tye Dyed Shells

This group reminds you of the tye dyed shirts we all used to wear.

Item #10039

Crabs in Mother of Pearl Shells

These shells that have been painted in very bright colors and is a favorite among hermit crabs.

Item #10041

Crabs in Tri Colored Shells

This is a pretty shell that has soft pastel colors blended through it.

Item #10042

Crabs in Zebra Shells

A very pretty shell with black stripes through it to resemble a zebra stripe.

Item #10044

Crabs in Neon Hand Painted Shells

These are beautifully painted scenic shells.

Item #10045

Crabs in Spiderman Shells

These are cool shells for all Spiderman enthusiasts.

Item #10047

Crabs in Ocean Life Shells

These are awesome shells with a variety of colorful painted pictures of fish.

Item #10049

Crabs In Nemo Shells

These shells reflect a variety of characters from Nemo.

Item #10055

Crabs in Superman Shells

These shells are for all the Superman fans.

Item #10059

Crabs in Dinosaur Shells

This is a very cute group for the Dinosaur collector.

Item #10060

Crabs in Butterfly Shells

This group of beautiful butterfly shells.

Item #10062

Crabs in Ladybug Shells

This group is a colored variety of the beloved Ladybug

Item #10063

Crabs in Patriotic Shells

Show your American pride.

Item #10064

Crabs in Cartoon Character Shells

Included in this variety are all your cartoon favorites.

Item #10065

Crabs in Hawaiian Flowers Shells

A very pretty flower for your special someone. Several different designs and colors.

Item #10066

Crabs in Sports Ball Shells

Shells for the sports enthusiast. Pick your favorite sport(s).

Item #10067

Crabs in SpongeBob Shells

Cute SpongeBob shells for all ages.

Item #10068

Crabs in Mirrored Shells

These are really cute with little mirrors on them.

Item #10069

Crabs in Batman Shells

Another super shell for the secret hero in all of us.

Item #10070

Crabs In Snoopy & Woodstock Shells

A shell to show you are "cool".

Item #10071

Crabs in Scooby Shells

A great shell for all Scooby Doo lovers.

Item #10072

Crabs in Shrek Shells

This group sports all your favorite Shrek characters.

Item #10073

Crabs in Rug Rat Shells

This group is for the kids.

Item #10080

Crabs in Fireball Shells

This group is for the hot kids.

Item #10081

Crabs in Helmet Shells

Crabs in the helmet of your favorite sport and team.
(Please confirm availability.)

  • Item #10098
  • Item #10083
    College Football
  • Item #10082
    NFL Football
  • Item #10099
    Ice Hockey
  • Item #10085

Crabs in Sylvester & Tweety Shells

This group is for the kids.

Item #10087

Crabs in Hello Kitty Shells

This group is for the kids.

Item #10088

Crabs in Pokemon Shells

This group is for the kids.

Item #10089

Crabs in Carebear Shells

This group is for the kids.

Item #10090