More Health Hints For Hermit Crabs!

Provide new shells for crabs to grow into.

Hermit crabs love to switch shells but need larger shells as they grow to maintain adequate body moisture. FMR offers a wide variety of shells. For a proper fit, the new shell should be larger than the present shell, and the shell opening should be the same size as the crab's large pincher.

Not all shells are suitable for crab homes.

To ensure that tree crabs function in their homes, shells should be properly cleaned, processed and chosen by a knowledgeable hermit crab distributor.

Bathe crabs twice a week.

Crabs will clean themselves if you provide them with fresh water in their bowls. But it is a good idea to bathe crabs.  Submerge them in room temperature water for 30 seconds-1 minute and allow them to air dry.

Create a social, healthy environment.

Crabs thrive on company and are the most active and entertaining when they co-exist in pairs or in a tree crab community. When increasing the number of hermit crabs, be sure to provide more space for them. They also need a warm and humid environment, 70-75 degrees F.

Promote exercise by creating a playground.

Crabs love to climb! Coral and choya wood will encourage activity. Again, be sure they have plenty of room to play!

Serve a balanced diet and fresh water in shell dishes-daily.

Crabs need calcium obtained from shell dishes. And, they thrive on pre-mixed hermit crab food and treats, along with a variety of vegetables and fruits.  They will bury their food, so make sure you remove all uneaten food prior to their daily feeding.